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Do you have a large customer base for the controllers, and you would like to create your own brand, but production problems overwhelm you? We have an offer for you. We create gas branded drivers tailored to Your needs, specifically for Your brand. The control program will also be tailored to Your needs and labeled with Your individual marked logo.

This type of cooperation is for the most active distributors who need more flexibility in marketing and promotional activities. By selecting this option you will become an manufacturer who introduces automotive products to the market!


Our offer is addressed to vendors who would like to deal with the distribution of our products.
We run an extensive cooperation program with the distributors, that comprises:

  • Commercial Training on the topic of saling of our products
  • Access to marketing materials
  • Technical support for Your customers


With Scalmax you have a guarantee of the best service. Our drivers can be purchased through partners or directly through Internet sales. Scalmax company has a convenient online shop for fast processing of orders from all over Poland.

By purchasing the driver from us, our authorized partners will get:

  • Best technical service
  • Reliable devices that do not require frequent, low-paid repairs and adjustments
  • Guarantee for a favorable price for non-warranty repairs
  • Access to our training with the experienced installer showing the mounting
  • Free advertising materials
  • Contact our R & D department which gives the opportunity to collaborate with creating your ideal driver
  • Access to the latest technology at a good price


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