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Scalmax – green company

We are a green company creating solutions in the field of gas-based alternative energy. In our business we do our utmost to use biodegradable materials and recycled packages.

LPG-fuel car and environment

Reading articles about ecological aspects of using gas in petrol-powered cars, we may encounter contradictory opinions. It is the case because it is difficult to adjust previous generation systems.

Technology to the benefit of nature

As a manufacturer, we protect the common good, that is the natural environment. We manufacture only the most eco-friendly autogas systems – LPG, CNG and LNG. We have deliberately resigned from producing systems for petrol engines of generations lower than IV. Our decision resulted from the fact that lack of precise adjustment caused increased pollution in newer cars with a triple-functional catalyst.

Our system is truly environment-friendly, reduces air pollution and limits engine oil pollution. Less pollution enters the circulation thanks to the enhanced consumption. It reduces the speed of engine oil rarefaction, which enables it to operate longer, while the amount of generated waste drops.

Also in heavy transport

We have created the first in Poland dualfuel diesel system. Application of advanced technologies allow us to take advantage of merits of the gas fuel in truck-tractor engines and other diesel-powered machines.

Our gas system designed for compression-ignition engines has been subject to comprehensive tests performed by two independent centers, that is Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw (ITS) and Faculty of Combustion Engines of the Institute of Combustion Engines and Transport at the Poznań University of Technology.

Emission of CO2, nitric oxide and solid particles was tested. The tests included a heavy-wheeled vehicle, transport vehicle and motor car. They were performed in accordance with 83.06 EKG ONZ, a significant reduction of pollution was showed. They proved our gas-diesel system is eco-friendly.



Research and Development Department builds prototype devices based on innovative technologies. Creation of each project is based primarily on the experience and good engineering practice; we meeti even the most stringent technical law’s requirements of around the world.

We strive for excellence

The devices developed in our R & D department are always optimally adapted to the requirements of the market, so that their usability and reliability could inspire the next generation of designers. Our policies for life-cycle of each product are constantly improvemed and provide the best end-results.

Cooperation way to order

We have an continuing cooperation with the leading experts in the industry, both in the academic field as well as in the automotive industry. We always follow the latest trends so that our solutions could be used in the latest engine designs. The constant cooperation with the dynamometers’ manufacturer gives us an access to the full profile of real engines available on the Polish market. It allows us to adjust perfectly to the real needs of the market.


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