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We have 11 years of experience in the design of electronic devices, we mainly design devices for the automotive industry. We have extensive experience in the art microprocessor and DSP Digital Signal Processing. We have completed many projects for customers in Europe, America and Asia.

We provide comprehensive design services, from creating a prototype that fits the needs of our customers, to the preparation for the production and implementation of the finished product. We used the special software Orcad, that comes from the world's leader EDA (Electronic Designe Cadance Automotication), the software company that created the famous Pspice simulator.

During preparation of a new product, we focus on a user interface, mainly by integrating the latest technologies, ie. gestures support, touch buttons or a touch screen, so that it is most convenient for the user. Our experience includes a number of communication standards used in the automotive and industrial sectors, such as: CAN, LIN and FlexRay, USB, Ethernet, RS485.

For constructing a microprocessor device we use only the proven systems manufacturers, such as:

  • Microchip PIC, dsPIC,
  • STMicroelectronics STM8, ARM
  • Freescale S12,
  • Atmel AVR, 51
  • Analog device 51, 52

We also create solutions for industry, i.a., automatic and semi-automatic testers, and mass-produced devices, that allow for fast detection of the errors in surface mount SMD, the defective items as well as other damages. As a result we improve the quality of the final product offered by State Company, while also saving time on the manual testing.

We have experience in designing systems for approval, helping to create the appropriate documentation:

  • 10R - Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
  • 67R - Accessories and LPG gas installations
  • 110R - Accessories and CNG


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