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SM048 Prime

SM048 Prime is our latest dual fuel controller.

  • It combines the best features of other controllers and allows operation simplest vehicles with a mechanical pump and the newest structures Euro 6.
  • It is the first gasodiesel controller with an in-built CAN interface.
  • It stands out thanks to its enhanced precision of analogue emulators.
  • It is now possible to cooperate with GPS module and there is a remote update via GPRS.
  • In order to provide fitters with comfort, a longer 5-meter group divided into 2 sectors combined by a hermetic joint has been used.
  • A developed set of analogue and digital emulators has been used. Also, a frequency emulator for flowmeters has been added.

Limitation of uneconomical drive effects:

Truth is our system is as good as its weakest link. In this case a complicated and unpredictable human factor should be taken into account. The system has two independent protections against uneconomical style of machine operation. The first degree is system adjustment which prevents a user from using a full uneconomical gasodiesel power. A second degree is control system and working parameters registration system. It informs the driver and the company about the driving style impact on consumption.


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